Composing Hands Blog Quote "Fitzalan chapel and Arundel castle had extremely contrasty conditions, narrow bright windows & dark corners just as you'd expect from these type of buildings. However, It turned out to be perfect conditions to test the dynamic range, camera metering and noise performance..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "It's a simple process, no complex account setting up and to sign up for an account (it's totally FREE) you'll just need an email address and password"

Composing Hands Blog Quote "I've used this tripod & head combo for 5 months, I don't have anything bad to say... That's not because I'm biased, I usually spend a long time myself researching the things I buy so try to avoid lemons. I like to spend a bit more on quality and not have to buy twice, quality lasts..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "Understanding the aperture f-stops will greatly improve your photography, controlling depth of field to focus the eye on one specific area of a composition or to focus the entire scene..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "I have some interesting new gear reviews coming up..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "Now it's attached I find a simple thing like removing the camera from my bag just a little easier (I have it wedged in on it's side), now I have something to grab onto with the added security that I won't drop it or there's less chance it will slip out of my hand..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "This is a first part article to a photography workflow article coming soon..."

Composing Hands Blog Quote "I recently purchased a HOYA PRO1 ND6 (64) filter but needed a chart to give me a guide to the difference in exposure..."


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